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Tirthahalli Arecanut Market Price Today | Adike Rate 2023

The Tirthahalli Arecanut Market Updates are only on Saturday. Tirthahalli Adike Rate on This week 06/02/2023-13/02/2023 Rashi, Chali, Bette, Saraku Price Today.

  • Tirthahalli is a town located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka state in India and it is known for its arecanut production.
  • The arecanut market in Tirthahalli is mainly driven by the demand from the domestic market, as well as export demand. The price of arecanut in Tirthahalli is affected by several factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, and government policies.
  • The quality of arecanut grown in Tirthahalli is generally considered to be good, and the town is known for producing high-quality arecanut varieties.

Fayaz Arecanut Daily Arecanut Market Price Update.

Tirthahalli Arecanut Market Today’s Price

Market Date 13/02/2023 100. kg price
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
TIRTHAHALLI Bette 53199 51499
TIRTHAHALLI Gorabalu 34166 33866
TIRTHAHALLI Rashi 46299 45899
TIRTHAHALLI Saraku 82305 78300


Market Date 06/02/2023 100. kg price
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
TIRTHAHALLI Bette 53009 51499
TIRTHAHALLI Gorabalu 36369 35199
TIRTHAHALLI Rashi 47599 46899
TIRTHAHALLI Saraku 80870 76545


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