Arecanut price shimoga channagiri
Arecanut price

Shimoga Adike Market Today | Adike Rate in Channagiri Daily Update

Shimoga Adike Market Today | Shimoga and Channagiri Adike Market is a wholesale market in the state of Karnataka [India]. The market is known for its trade in betel nuts (also known as “Adike ” in the Kannada language), a popular chewing stimulant in many parts of India and Southeast Asia.

Shimoga and Channagiri  Arecanut Market is a major trading center for areca nuts in Karnataka, attracting buyers and sellers from across the state and neighboring regions. The market is open every day of the week

Daily Adike Rate Update Here:- Date: 20/03/2023

So, My showing is like this-

[ Markets | varieties | Maximum price | Model price ]

Market Date 20/03/2023 100. kg price
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
SHIVAMOGGA Bette 50919 49510
SHIVAMOGGA Gorabalu 32789 30789
SHIVAMOGGA Rashi 45300 44100
SHIVAMOGGA Saraku 79440 72800


Market Date 17/03/2023 100. kg price
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
CHANNAGIRI Rashi 45099 44309
CHANNAGIRI 2nd Bette 34399 32561


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