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Dry Coconut Tender Coconut and Coconut Price Today in Karnataka

Dry Coconut Per 100. kg Price | Coconut {Nariyal} Price Today | Tender Coconut Market Price Today | Daily Update All Market Arsikere, Tiptur, Chickballapur, Davanagere, Gubbi, Puttur, Mangalore, Tumkur, Sira on our website

Coconut is a highly valued plantation crop grown in various regions of India, including the southern dry region. Karnataka, in particular, is known for its high production of coconut and ranks third in the country in terms of area and production. Copra, a dried coconut kernel, is an important product derived from coconut and plays a significant role in the coconut business.

Today, the copra price is a crucial factor for coconut farmers and traders. The desiccated coconut price also plays a role in determining the overall profitability of the coconut business. As each part of the coconut is used in one way or another, the coconut price today is crucial for those involved in the industry.

The dry coconut 1kg price and dry coconut price are important factors for those involved in the processing and selling of coconut products. Fresh coconut near me is a common search for those looking to buy coconuts for personal consumption. Tender coconut, green coconut, fresh coconut, and tender coconut ice cream are some of the popular coconut-based products available in the market.

In conclusion, the coconut business is an important industry in India, with the copra price and desiccated coconut price playing a significant role in determining its profitability. With the high production of coconut in Karnataka, the state is well-positioned to contribute to the growth of the industry.

No.1. Coconut Price Today

We will give you without husk coconut / ತೆಂಗಿನಕಾಯಿ market price [per 1000ps] of Arsikere, Bangalore, C.R.Patna, Chickballapur, Davanagere, Gubbi, Puttur, Mangalore, Tumkur.

ತೆಂಗಿನಕಾಯಿ Coconut Per 1000ps 18/03/2023
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
ARSIKERE Medium 20000 16500
BENGALURU Coconut 25000 20000
GUNDLUPET Coconut 10400 10400
HASSAN Other 9000 9000
KUMTA Coconut 17900 17060
PANDAVAPURA Coconut 12000 11000
PUTTUR Grade- II 12000 9500
SIRA Medium 16000 12000
TUMAKURU IISort without Husk 18500 11000
UDIPI Grade- II 18000 16000

No.2. Dry Coconut Price Today

Here you can see the price of the variety of Copra, Milling, Ball, and others. Markets are Tiptur,  Arsikere, C.R. Patna, Gubbi, Huliyar, and others. Complete details of districts where Dry coconut is sold. Copra price per 100 kg

ಕೊಬ್ಬರಿ Copra Per 100.Kg 16/03/2023
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
ARSIKERE Copra 10300 9826
K.R.PET Other 8060 8060
PUTTUR Other 7000 5750
TIPTUR Copra 10300 10000
TUMAKURU Ball 10800 10500
TUMAKURU Other 4800 4300
TURUVEKERE Copra 10100 10100


No.3. Tender Coconut / ಎಳನೀರು

Here you can see the price of the variety Tender Coconut / ಎಳನೀರು. Markets areC.R. Patna, K.R. Pet, Mandya, and Pandavapura. Complete details of districts where Tender Coconut is sold. (Priced per 1000 pieces)

ಎಳನೀರು Tender Coconut Per 1000ps 16/03/2023
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
K.R.PET Tender Coconut 24000 12000
KADUR Tender Coconut 16000 16000
MALAVALLI Tender Coconut 16000 16000
MANDYA Tender Coconut 25000 16000
PANDAVAPURA Tender Coconut 16000 13000


There is no market every day. On the day of the market, we put the market price of coconut, dry coconut [Copra/ಕೊಬ್ಬರಿ], and Tender Coconut [ಎಳನೀರು]

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