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Areca Price Today | Adike/Supari rate in Karnataka 10/03/2023

To stay up-to-date with the latest Adike/Supari rate in Karnataka, it is recommended to regularly check reliable sources for daily updates. Information about the Tumkuru market and updates from other markets such as Shimoga, Channagiri, Sagara, Siddapura, Sirsi, and Yellapur can be found here.
Several factors can influence the market rate of areca nut, including supply and demand, weather conditions, the overall state of the economy, and transportation costs. These factors can cause significant fluctuations in the areca nut rate, and it’s important to note that the rate can vary depending on the specific location of purchase or sale.

To provide the most relevant information on Adike/Supari rate in Karnataka, we categorize our data by markets and varieties, listing the maximum and model prices for each. This enables you to quickly access the information that is most important to you, allowing you to make informed decisions about buying or selling areca nuts.

Market Date 10/03/2023 100. kg price
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
BANTWALA Coca 25000 22500
BANTWALA New Chali 40000 39000
BANTWALA Old Chali 54500 51500
BHADRAVATHI Rashi 44519 41930
DAVANAGERE Rashi 44169 43625
KARKALA New Chali 40000 35000
KARKALA Old Chali 54500 48500
KUMTA Chippu 31609 30549
KUMTA Coca 29999 28579
KUMTA Factory 19430 18669
KUMTA Old Chali 38899 37689
KUMTA New Chali 36409 35479
KUNDAPUR Old Chali 44500 44000
KUNDAPUR New Chali 36000 35000
SAGAR Bilegotu 29519 28389
SAGAR Chali 36500 35299
SAGAR Coca 30699 27989
SAGAR Kempugotu 36009 34899
SAGAR Rashi 45809 44699
SAGAR Sippegotu 19333 18900


ಇಂದಿನ ಅಡಿಕೆ ದರ ಶಿವಮೊಗ್ಗ ಮತ್ತು ಚನ್ನಗಿರಿ | Shimoga Channagiri Adike Market Rate

Market Date 10/03/2023 100. kg price
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
SHIVAMOGGA Bette 52199 50500
SHIVAMOGGA Gorabalu 32250 30699
SHIVAMOGGA Rashi 44719 44000
SHIVAMOGGA Saraku 81359 74790
Market Date 10/03/2023 100. kg price
Market Variety Maximum Price Modal Price
SIDDAPURA Bilegotu 31699 30499
SIDDAPURA Chali 36899 35899
SIDDAPURA Coca 31199 28699
SIDDAPURA New Chali 36299 35399
SIDDAPURA Kempugotu 33699 32299
SIDDAPURA Rashi 44459 44299
SIDDAPURA Tattibettee 42099 41899
SIRSI Bette 42999 38455
SIRSI Bilegotu 33033 29693
SIRSI Chali 36800 35259
SIRSI Kempugotu 33100 29875
SIRSI Rashi 44699 43429
YELLAPURA API 59169 54865
YELLAPURA Bilegotu 32131 30299
YELLAPURA Coca 30899 27699
YELLAPURA Old Chali 40599 37599
YELLAPURA New Chali 36160 35599
YELLAPURA Kempugotu 35899 32599
YELLAPURA Rashi 50699 47099
YELLAPURA Tattibettee 45699 41839


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